These Makeup Trends Will Be Everywhere in 2021

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2020 was the year that made us all leave our lipsticks intact. With the spread of the pandemic and the necessity to wear a face mask, there really was no point in wearing lipstick. For almost a year now, women had no opportunity to wear all those colorful lipstick, except for their online and zoom meetings.

On the other hand, the makeup trends quickly changed and shifted in finding the suitable and appropriate makeup when wearing a face mask. The first months of quarantine were the much-needed break that the skin needed for the constant application of the makeup. And that was good until it became boring. Then, as the things slowly started to go back to some kind of normal, women decided that if the mask was to cover half of their face, there was still space to put something on. And just like that, the makeup trends focused on the eyes, lashes, and brows.

The 2021 makeup trends deliver a bunch of makeup techniques and looks that are expected to be seen everywhere. Since the face mask is not going anywhere any time soon, the makeup industry made sure that there are enough trends that will cover the top part of the head, focusing on the eyes, lashes, and brows and leave enough opportunities for the beauty junkies to experiment and enjoy doing makeup. 

Classic Red Lipstick

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To put the color back on our faces, in the form of lipstick, there is simply no miss with the classic red one. It might not come as a surprise, but the classic red color is suggested to be the most popular one for 2021. It is truly a shade that looks good on everyone and has the power to add that special vibrancy and fresh look to the face. Suitable for both day and night, the classic red is one that is inspired by the Parisian women and the iconic Chanel brand.

Bold Eyeliner

close-up photo of woman eye with fox eyeliner makeup on white background

Eyeliners and mascaras were the only types of makeup that were accented back in 2020 so it comes as expected that the new trends will follow in the same direction. This year, the accent will be put on the eyeliner and the strong looks that can come out of it. The eyeliner gives the eyes a nice definition and it is something worth considering if the face masks remain to be present. You can choose a creamy or pencil eyeliner, all is good as long as the lines are clean and well-defined. For those who are looking to add a pop of color, all the possible eyeliner colors are in, and for those who prefer to keep it classic, black is a safe choice.

Fresh Skin

Portrait of Young African model with a beautiful makeup in studi

The focus on the natural look and healthy glow on the skin has been a trend for several years. For 2021, this inspiration continues to dominate with the accent on the radiant and shiny skin, as well as motivation to keep up a good and regular skincare routine. As part of the fresh skin, trends comes the no-makeup look. To add that fresh and healthy skin vibe, use a highlighter that will add that wonderful glow. Apply just a tiny bit on the cheeks and the temples and you will see yourself in a completely new look. 

Colored Mascara

Blue Mascara

This is a trend that will most certainly get you back in your teenage days. The colored mascara has been quite a popular thing in the 90s and now, it has made a comeback. However, the new trend of wearing mascara does not just say to apply the mascara in color and go out the door. There is a whole new technique, named "layering of the colors". Although this might sound more fashion-appropriate, it is a technique that suggests applying one coat of mascara in color and then adding a few strokes of back or brown over it. 

Stained Lipstick 

Beauty portrait of a lovely young woman

Although we did not see much of our lipstick back in 2020, the new trends keep an open mind and suggest wearing bold and bright colors. The new way of wearing them is the so-called stained lipstick. To flaunt this trend, it is best to apply several coats of lipstick, and between each application blot it in. It is an excellent way to make the color more durable and fixated. Also, if you quickly need to put a mask on, it will not smudge all over your face.

Dramatic Lashes + No Glue

nica lina men aint shit lashes tan girl in bath tub

Dramatic lashes are one of the biggest and maybe most unexpected makeup trends for 2021. It focuses on accenting the lashes, making them dominant and visible, by curling them high up. This was not a trend so far, but with all the attention that the eyes are getting, this is the new way of making the lashes more dominant. To best achieve this look, it is great to look for longer lash extensions, that when curled up, will remain their length and look high.

As an addition to the trend comes the no-glue lash application. Messy and not user friendly, the glue is not safe for use, especially in the eyes area. For that matter, the lash industry has moved on and found a more suitable solution which includes different application of the lashes. One way to add the desired lashes to the eyes is by using magnetic lashes. The magnetic lashes are a quick and easy way to put the lashes on and off, without using too much time or any skills.

Ready to Slay Your Makeup Game in 2020?

We at The Lash Drip are always looking to keep up and stay on top of all current fashion trends. As we specialize in the area of lash extensions and lash accessories, a bunch of our offer comes truly inspired by the fashion trends. In order to keep up this 2021, and having the eyes in the focus on the trends, we deliver you the biggest makeup trends, with a special accent on the eyes and the lashes.

These are some of the most popular makeup trends that are expected to dominate 2021. Pick your favorites and flaunt them with style!

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