The Truth About Mink Lashes

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Mink farm. Mink in the cage. Mink's fur

Have you heard of mink fur eyelash extensions and strip lashes? These products have been around for years now because of their luxurious fluff in the beauty space - they are often marketed as "cruelty-free" and ethically sourced. However, that is far from truth.

Many animals are raised in captivity for the fur trade including beavers, foxes, chinchillas, and minks. Out of all these animals, mink fur is the most popular farmed fur. In fact, Chinese minks dominate the fur market. Unfortunately, fur farming in China is unregulated when it comes to animal welfare. Animals in China have few protections and this comes to no exceptions to mink farms. 

What is a Mink Farm?

European mink cage grown on a farm for fur Lithuania

A mink is a wild semi-aquatic animal. Living with no water in a cage is horrible torture for these creatures. On top of that, these non-domesticated animals are being handled by humans throughout their captivity when they should be roaming free. In the wild, they would roam free and travel for miles every day. Instead, minks are caged in a farm to be harvested for their fur, which goes against all their natural instincts.

The Cruelty Behind Mink Lashes

Mink lashes are no different than a mink fur coat - although they are natural, in the end, they are still cruel. These fur come from mink farm businesses, where the animals are confined in small wire cages in highly unsanitary conditions.

Misinformation spread among beauty brands that manufacturers worldwide gently brush live animals without harming them. But minks are wild animals that are known to be very active and aggressive. They are not meant to be held by humans for a long period of time in order to collect their fur inside a farm. Additionally, when minks shed its fur, it is most likely that the leather underneath heir pelt is starting to dry out.

Point blank, mink eyelashes are not cruelty-free.

Mink kits at a Swedish fur farm cuddle to the body of their dead mother.jpg


About Lashes Noir

Before The Lash Drip launched in 2020, I originally created a lash brand named "Lashes Noir" - this lash line was created in 2018, and closed a few months after. As a new brand owner during that time, I was unaware and uneducated about the cruelty of fur farming for lashes. 

As time moved forward, I became an educated consumer about the beauty industry, and with that new knowledge, I launched The Lash Drip in 2020. We offer synthetic silk lashes that look and feel like animal hair but without the cruelty. No animals are involved in the making of our falsies!

Saving the Mink

If you've found out your favorite pair of falsies are mink, please consider switching to synthetic silk lashes! With new and innovative ways to create vegan lashes, you do not have to sacrifice the softness and fluffy feel of mink falsies!

At The Lash Drip, we are firmly against animal-cruelty - which is the reason why our brand consists of 100% cruelty-free synthetic lashes! All of our lashes are plastic and man-made with synthetic silk from Korea. Our lashes are not only vegan, but also light and fluffy for everyday comfort. Check out our synthetic lashes here.

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