Magnetic Lash Kit Review: Are They Worth It?

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Magnetic false eyelashes are nothing new to the beauty industry. If fact, "How to Apply Magnetic Lashes" was the top trending search of the year in 2018! 

What are Magnetic Lashes?

They're false lashes that you apply without any glue! Instead, these magnetic falsies are secured to a magnetic liquid eyeliner.

So, how do magnetic lashes work? Each lash has 5 micro-magnets with the strong hold! With the help of the iron dioxide in the liner formula, the magnetic lash strip will adhere to it. And voilà, your lashes are securely attached without the help of lash glue!

Are Magnetic Lashes Safe?

Regardless if you are new lash user or an expert, you may find yourself on google searching, "Is using magnets that close to your eyes safe?" And the answer is: YES! Magnetic lashes are totally fine to use. According to Dr. Jennifer Tsai, O.D., "It is relatively safe to use magnetic lashes since the amount of electromagnetic frequency emitted from the false eyelashes is low."

How Do I Apply the Magnetic Fake Lashes?

Ready to try the magnetic lash kits yourself? Here are 4 easy steps on how to apply your magnetic lashes:

1. Shake and apply the magnetic liquid liner.
2. Wait until the eyeliner dries.
3. Apply the magnetic lashes!
4. Reapply more magnetic eyeliner for extra security!

Why Should You Choose The Lash Drip Magnetic Eyelash and Liner Set?

The Lash Drip Magnetic Sets come with a smudge-proof magnetic eyeliner and a pair of lashes that have ultra-fine magnets for ALL DAY WEAR! Our kits are designed for easy application and for any occasion. From night to day, The Lash Drip has your back. You can say au revoir to lash glue!

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