How To: Clean Your False Lashes

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There is no reason that lashes should be a single-serving beauty product. Reusing your lashes is a great way to save money!

Follow the steps below to clean synthetic eyelashes the right way.

1. Remove the Glue


peel lash glue with tweezers banana cartoon

Using tweezers, gently pick off any leftover glue that is on the lash band. 

Tweezer options:

2. Soak Your Lashes

clean clear case soak micellar cleaning solution for lashes


To further take off any remaining glue or eyeshadow off, use an oil-free micellar cleansing water to submerge the lashes. This will loosen any makeup that may still be hidden between the hairs.

Tip: Use cotton swabs to take off the remaining residue.

3. Let Them Dry


drying lashes wind emoji black tweezer holding wet lashes

Using a microfiber towel or tissue, gently pat your lashes dry. 

Tip: You can also set the lashes aside and wait for them to dry instead of patting them down.

4. Shape the Lashes


clear case with pink glitter lash box emoji wow

FYI: When buying a new set of fake eyelashes, don't toss the box. Instead, use it to store your lashes!

Place your fake lashes in the original semi-circle plastic to help keep their shape for the next application.

5. Comb Your Falsies to Air-dry

spoolie mascara wand eyelash comb to dry


Using a spoolie wand, carefully brush out the hairs on your false eyelashes. Combing your lashes after cleaning will help them retain their shape.

Et Voilà, fin.

Repeat all steps 5 every time you finish wearing your pair of false eyelashes. This will ensure its cleanliness for the next re-application!
That is why The Lash Drip offers a variety of lashes that are reusable and easy to clean! With these easy steps, your lashes' life span will last up to 25 times.
Remember, clean false lashes last longer to be reused for next time! 

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