2021 Lash Trends

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Since masks are not going anywhere soon, this year is all about the focus in the eyes. With that being the hottest makeup trend to follow, false lashes continue to be the biggest craze in the beauty industry! 

We know there are so many options to choose from, that's why we created this quick and easy guide on the the top lash extension trends of 2021.

Sky-high Lashes

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Long, bold, and appealing eyelashes will be a very desired look! They look so effortlessly pretty and add to the beauty of any makeup look. Getting the look of the bold lashes is quite easy.

By choosing some of our false lashes you can instantly add that dramatic and eye-catching look that you have always wanted. The texture and the definition that the lashes can put to the eyes and for that matter to the face is unique and interesting. 

Voluminous Lashes

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Although this might not sound like a new trend, the accent and the focus on the lashes comes in the form of volume. The voluminous lashes have the power and the ability to make each face look fresher and live, and they put that fabulous look that you do not even need to do additional makeup.

The volume on the lashes can be best achieved by adding a pair of false lashes that are thick and bold and will add that necessary volume on your lashes. The perfect choice for adding a volume is the After Hours and First Class. With these pairs, you will easily nail the look of voluminous lashes. 

Glue, who?

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The days when your eyes were covered in glue in the many unsuccessful attempts to attach the false lashes are over. Except for being messy and not user friendly, the glue is not safe for use, especially in the eyes area. 

A great alternative way to apply lashes to the eyes is by using magnetic lashes. The magnetic lashes are a quick and easy way to put the lashes on and off, without using too much time nor any skills. The Lash Drip Magnetic selection is pretty cool and covers all the different types of lashes that will make a difference in your look. 

Consider Your Eye Shape

Many women make the mistake of choosing any type of lashes just to add some kind of look on their lashes. That is not only unsuitable, but it can deliver the opposite effect of what you are trying to achieve. It is always important and suggested to look for the pair of lashes that will suit and flatter the shape of your eyes. For example, if you have small eyes, you need to go with bolder lashes that will make the eyes more open. If you have round eyes, you need to look for ones that will gradually change the length so that the roundness would not be so accepted. 

At Lash Drip we offer a lot of different lashes that can satisfy all of your preferences and needs. All of them come from the highest quality ingredients, which makes them safe and easy to use, and above all fashionable and trendy. By choosing our lash collection you will be trendy and put the accent on your eyes as you have always wanted. Besides the huge offer of lashes, there are additional accessories that will come in handy in nailing the best possible look of the lashes trend.

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